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„Stork bites“
Won tons filled with prawns and vegetable salad
Eggplant cream with marinated mushrooms and miso
Coppa di parma with cherry tomatoes and basilcream
Fetacheese with nectarine salsa and herb crunch
Codbrandade-balls with lime and cream

      19,50 Euro


Two kinds of salmon
with avocado, quinoa, papaya, cucumber and herb oil                                     19,00 Euro


Mixed tomatoes with grilled bell pepper
Mango, burrata-cheese and rocket-pesto                                                           18,00 Euro


Marinated Beef tartare
with mustard mayonnaise, lettuce and onion vinaigrette

small                                                             17,90 Euro
large                                                              23,90 Euro



Fishsoup with game fish, prawns and tomatoes                                                  15,00 Euro


Cold melon soup with smoked feta-cheese
caramelized bacon, chili and bread chip
with grilled prawn                                                                                                    14,00 Euro
without grilled prawn                                                                                                 9,00 Euro




main course

Grilled monkfish and octopus
with two kinds of fennel, paella-rice and lemon-saffron-foam                           33,90 Euro



Roasted rack and leg of lamb
with two kinds of beans and polenta cuts                                                               32,90 Euro



Roasted rumpsteak from saddle of beef dry matured
with fried chanterelles, potatoe-bacongratin and leek                                         22,90 Euro



Corn chicken breast filled with ricotta

with two kinds of courgette and homemade spaghetti                                          32,00 Euro



Homemade Gnocci with herbs
with capponata cream, grilled vegetables buffalo mozarella                                27,50 Euro



Homemade „Rösti“
with mushrooms in cream and sliced pork fillet                                                      23,50 Euro
without sliced pork fillet                                                                                               21,00 Euro





Non baked cheesecake
with fresh Buchholzer berries, strawberrysorbet and caramelized biscuit        9,50 Euro

Clafoutis aux Cérises with cherry ragout and yoghurt ice cream                         9,50 Euro

Ricotta foam with blackberries and white chocolate ice cream                            6,00 Euro

Sorbet Variation

(three homemade sorbets according to the daily offer)                                         9,90 Euro




daily recommendation



Warm goats cheese terrine with bell pepper and eggplant

Wild herb salad and tomato-olive-salsa                                                                         18,00 Euro


Soup of meadow hay
with smoked breast of  guinea fowl                                                                               12,50 Euro
without guinea fowl                                                                                                           8,00 Euro


Homemade artichockes ravioli,
with two kind of peas and parmesan cheese foam                               veggie             18,90 Euro




Grilled apricot with vanilla-carrote-cream
Sweet potatoes and marinated ceps                                                        veggie              22,50 Euro
with pink duck breast                                                                                                            33,50 Euro



Non baked cheesecake,

with fresh Buchholzer beers, stwarberrysorbet and
chopped and caramelized biscuit                                                                                         9,50 Euro




We are happy to serve you the menu as follows:

as 3 course menu (soup, apricot, dessert)                                                   veggie                   38,00 Euro
with duck breast                                                                                                                              46,00 Euro

as 3 course menu (starter, apricot, dessert)                                                veggie                   45,00 Euro
with duck breast                                                                                                                              53,00 Euro

as 4 course menu (starter, or soup, ravioli, apricot dessert)                     veggie                  51,00 Euro
with duck breast                                                                                                                             60,00 Euro