The heart of our house beats in our restaurant!

My husband, Christoph Trienen, and his kitchen crew are very happy to conjure up culinary delights on your plate with a lot of flair and love. Mainly regional products are used, according to the seasons, and we pay great attention to the respectful processing of the food.

While you dine, feast, sip, slurp, nibble and indulge, you will be lovingly and charmingly looked after by our service team. To match our fine dishes, we will spoil you with excellent Baden, national or international wines.

After the work is done, my husband especially looks forward to taking a tour through the restaurant to inquire about your satisfaction. Then we always like to talk, philosophise or talk shop - a nice end to a successful evening, we think!



Our opening in restaurant

monday - saturday 5:00 pm-10:00 pm
Kitchen closes at 9:00 pm // Sunday is our day of rest






„Stork bites“
Herb brioche with Crème Fraîche and pickled salmon

Cashew croquettes with avocado and lime dressing

Crab cocktail with apple, cucumber and pumpernickel

Smoked duck breast with Waldorf salad

Crispy pork belly with corn cream and popcorn                                                      18,90 Euro


Roasted quail breast with pumpkin and lamb's lettuce                                         16,90 Euro


Mixed beetroot with marinated goat's cheese and lamb's lettuce                       14,50 Euro


Marinated Beef tartare
with mustard mayonnaise, lettuce and onion vinaigrette

small                                                                  16,90 Euro
large                                                                   23,90 Euro

Lamb's lettuce with bacon and crackers                                                                     8,50 Euro

Beef consommée with slices of pancakes                                                                   7,50 Euro

Cream soup of lobster with roasted fillets of fish                                                    14,50 Euro




main course

Homemade Pecorino Gnocchi

with two kinds of Brussels sprouts, parsley pesto and hazelnuts                            22,50 Euro



Roasted pike perch fillet

on champagne cream sauerkraut and potato strudel                                               28,90 Euro



„Wiener Schnitzel“

with fried potatoes and a small salad                                                                           23,90 Euro



Saddle of beef with herb crust

with two kinds of parsley root and polenta doughnuts                                            28,50 Euro



Homemade spinach Ravioli

with celery and parmesan foam                                                                                    23,50 Euro



„Sauerbraten“ of venison

with red cabbage and homemade spaetzle                                                                23,90 Euro



Fillet of pork under a blood sausage crust

and braised cheek of pork (old regional German breed)

with carrots and dumplings                                                                                            25,90 Euro







Chocolate Crème Brûlée

with citrus salad and blood orange sorbet                                                                9,50 Euro


A scoop of homemade sorbet with fruit                                                                     4,50 Euro


Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

and whisky cream caramel                                                                                            8,40 Euro


Sorbet Variation

(three homemade sorbets according to the daily offer)                                           9,90 Euro




daily recommendation



Flamed salmon with hummus,

Kalamansi Vinaigrette and Frisée                                                                                        14,00 Euro


Cream soup of parsley root

with smoked venison loin                                                                                                    11,50 Euro

without venison loin                                                                                                                7,50 Euro


Roasted duck liver

on „heaven and earth“ with port wine jus (intermediate course)                                  18,50 Euro


Fillet of trout

with lentils, shallot-bacon foam and mushrooms                                                             26,90 Euro

as an intermediate course                                                                                                     17,90 Euro


Pink roasted haunch and homemade sausage of venison

with black salsify and Schupfnudeln                                                                                    28,90 Euro


Milk chocolate mousse

with tangerines and pomegranate granité                                                                            9,90 Euro




We are happy to serve you the menu as follows:


as 3 course menu (soup, trout or venison, dessert)                                                           45,00 Euro

as 3 course menu (starter, trout or venison, dessert)                                                        48,00 Euro

as 4 course menu (starter, soup, trout or venison, dessert)                                             58,00 Euro