"Zum Storchen" philosophy

"Zum Storchen" philosophy

Enjoy naturalness

By the consequent use of only natural materials, we have created a decent and comfortable atmosphere.



Nature and design


Custom-made furniture made of quick-growing bamboo, oak parquet from sustainable forestry, untreated inlay carpet of sheep's wool, a house front isolated with natural cork, these are only a few aspects that make the "Storchen" unique.



Slowfood and Sustainability


As supporter of "slowfood" the sustainability does not stop in the hotel rooms.
We will cook for you lovely meals with fresh, saisonal and local ingredients.



Relax and Work


Let your start after a relaxed night in our height-adjustable boxspringbeds with a lovely prepared breakfast with a view over the roofs of the city.
In the sauna you can enjoy the silence and relax with a view to the old castle and the woods. Our modern conference room creates a creative atmosphere and will help you to get new impressions and motivations for work!