Black Forest - relax

Black Forest - relax

Welcome to the southern Black Forest! 


Rays of sunlight twinkling through treetops, dancing on the forest ground, the silent rushing of waterfalls and crystal clear mountain streams, the gentle tweets of birds - wasn't there just the faintest "cuckoo"? Experience the Black Forest's unique nature away from stress and everyday life. It is not a coincidence that the southern Black Forest is considered the most beautiful and most visited region for spa and holiday in Germany. Mountains as high as 1493m, wild canyons, old Black Forest farm houses, blooming meadows, fertile wine countries and thick forests. Our homes is really a mixture of nature, culture and tradition.

Filling up the tank, resting, relaxing, taking a breath, watching and exploring, being in the open air, enjoying time and space, finding back to oneself - this is what makes the experience of the southern Black Forest. 


Hiking, skiing, mountain-biking, climbing, cross-country skiing, snow-shoe hiking and exlporing adventure-paths - out exceptionally beautiful home leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you are the tourist from far away, the visitor over the weekend, the adventurer or the soldier of fortune, here you can always find the right place for you.


You can also enjoy the local nature in a different way.  The region provides us throughout the year with fresh fruit and vegetables, our healthy Black Forest milk and our unique Black Forest ham as well as our top-shelf wines. Our almost mediterranean climate, the small distance to the South, and the many hours of sunlight contribute to the good nature of the locals. Here in Baden, we know how to enjoy life and we love to share that knowledge with you.